Sunday, October 3, 2010

bbye home...

“Vidu…get up…you will be late. Papa is getting angry” maa was trying hard to wake me up.
“10 more minutes mumma”
“I don’t know how will u survive in the hostel?”and she removed my sheet. I had to wake up. But u know what is the bestthing about me? I don’t take hours to get ready, I was on time as always.When I came, I found everyone in the lounge, even my both bhaiyas who never get up so early. Chachi n taiji had tears in their eyes as always… it was not new to me, I cracked sum silly joke on which no one smiled. The atmosphere was so deadly that I can’t bear it. I met with my grand maa…my sweet amma and asked papa to leave. Maa and papa were coming with me. I said namaste to everyone, hugged my brothers and sisters and left my home. I didn’t look back, I knew if they will see tears in my eyes, thein heart will break into two. I stopped my tears with great efforts. In car also, maa was silent and me n papa were talking continuously as always. Maa is like that only, she talks very less and if she is happy or sad, the case is worsened. Finally we reached to the university, after some formalities, we went to my hostel. Papa might not enter so he waited on the enterance. Mom sat everything and we left the room, roamed here and there and then finally maa, papa too were a ll set to leave. Suddenly maa started crying and to my shock, papa too had tears in his eyes. But their daughter was different… even then I didn’t shed a single tear…I smiled, hugged them, wiped their tears and bade them good bye. They left and then I went to the washroom to cry loudly. Since my childhood I have this habbit to cry in the washroom so that no one may see me crying…then I went to my room. The door was open that means that my room mates have arrived. I entered in the room and shouted in joy, “Pariiii!!!!!!!!” “Vidushi!!!!!!!!” she shouted back and we hugged each other. Yeah people I knew her, she was with me in the school. Though we were not good buddies but in such a strange place, a familiar face seems to be so miraculous. I thanked Ramji for such a sweet surprise. She introduced me with her friend and my another room mate…Anu, pretty girl I must say. I shaked hand with that tall, fair and slim cutie pie. Both of them have done their bachelors in Home Science from this university only. And finally someone entered… our 4th room mate and now the picture was complete. Short heighted, wearing glasses, seemed to be very bubbly and intelligent to me. From that very first look I knew that she is going to be one of my best friends. Three of them knew each other as she too was from this university only and had done her bachelors with Economics and Management. Pari introduced me to her…Priti.

It was the first night in the hostel, obviously I was missing my family a lot but didn’t want to give any such impression to anyone so I was trying to be as normal as I can…I was talking loads, laughing loudly. They were new to me and I was new to them yet I was talking as if I know them for years. In later months, Priti told me that she doubted once if I am a new comer among three oldies or they are caught up with some irritating girl.

Finally we went to mess hall to have our dinner but for our surprise there was no food. The timings were 8pm to 9:30 pm and we were quite late. It was so bad when you are away from home and have nothing to eat. It reminds you of your mom who never let you sleep without stuffing your tummy… But…I laughed at it and made it a joke of the day then I offered them mathri and panjiri which my mom packed for me.

On that new place it was not easy to sleep on time. The old buddies of my roomies were coming every now and then and they were introducing me with them. I was sick of smiling because I was missing being at home. Then I unpacked my purse and took my diary…oops…I didn’t tell you yet that I am a poetess. And people say that these are not so bad. I hugged my diary and lied on bed to sleep. My roomies were looking at me surprisingly. But they didn’t asked anything. I tried hard to sleep but couldn’t. I was remembering the time when I was at home. But the sleep is such a cure to all sorrows. Finally I slept and woke up early in the morning. It was Saturday. I went to terrace to inhale some fresh air, did some yoga and came back. My roomies were also wakening till now. We had our breakfast and went to market to buy some necessary stuff, needed for the room. That afternoon we decorated our room and after having our lunch, we slept. And yeah I again slept with my diary…

Till Sunday, we were all set in our new place. Friends of my roomies have become my friends. Now I miss my family less. Though they still miss me a lot and used to call me daily. You will wonder that in my life there is no such day when I didn’t talk to my papa… not even a single day.

On Monday, we had all classes as per our schedule. It was hectic, 9am to 12 pm in the morning and 2pm to 5pm in the evening. Even my school was better than that. In the evening our warden issued Computers to us. Suddenly the atmosphere in the hostel changed. Everyone was happy… girls were listening music on high volume, singing along with singers in their highest pitches, checking and replying to their mails. In our room we were quite normal in comparison to others as none of us had the habit of net surfing and we found gossiping more interesting than anything else. Pari told me how one of her friend married with her internet friend. I laughed at it that how is that possible.

Next day was our holiday. I got up early in the morning and got ready. My roomies were still sleeping. I turned on the PC to kill the time. I signed up on gmail, yahoo, rediff and last but not the least…orkut. I searched my friends over their, sent them friend request and signed out.

Life was so easy then that today it is hard to believe that such time existed in our lives. But the truth is that those easy days were directing our path towards these tough days of present.

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