Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I was lying on the bed when Priti, Anu and Pari came as if something very serious has happened.
“What happened?” I asked in worry
“Its our common friend’s birth day and three of us will have to go there”
“ okay, so you are worried about gift?” I teased them “ Go you fools. I too am fade up of seeing your ugly faces all day long” They smiled and started to get ready.

I logged in and started net surfing. On orkut, I visited many of my friends’ accounts and then their friend’s accounts and so on… J I replied my scraps, mailed Sudhi and Navya nad logged out, thinking that my novels are better than this. When my roomies came back, I’ve slept. I felt someone covered me and my diary with a sheet.

Next morning too, I woke up early in the morning. It was around 7am when I again logged in and found many friend request, waiting for my approval. Most of them were from people whom I visited yesterday. I rejected some and accepted some known faces. From that very moment, someone knocked the door.
“What happened Ankita” Ankita was my neighbor who was looking very ill that time
“Nothing much…my head is aching. Can you please bring a cup of tea for me?”
“sure, make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back in a second” When I came back Ankita was checking my orkut account. “Add me too” “Yeah sure”
“Hey Monali, there is a friend request from an IITian.. Raushan”
“ Yeah Ankita, I know him. He was with us in tuitions.”
“So you had some scene?” she asked with a big grin, till now she has forgotten about her headache.
“No, you nuts. ”

“So… are you going to accept his friend request?”

“Well, shall see. Now you have your tea and get some sleep.” I wanted her out of my room as soon as possible. After her departure, I bolted the door and took my seat before the computer. There were so many friend requests but sill girl noticed this one only, IITian hi to hai…

And that is how he entered in my life, without even giving me a clue that he is going to be so special some day…

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