Saturday, October 2, 2010

The story begins now…

And it begins with ME obviously, afterall I am the heroine.. VIDUSHI. I am blessed with a lovely, supportive, big, happy and joint family.

I was living my life in my small town where everyone interrupts in each other’s life as if it is their birth right, where power cuts are part of life, where evenings are synonym of chit chat sessions, where golgappe n bhelpuri are pride of every street and turn, where I lived like a princess, where I need not to worry about anything. Ohhhhhh I can continue for pages but it will not interest you much so cut it short.

After all these positive points, small towns have a minus point as well. And that is that for further studies and job we need to leave our towns. But that was the far away thing. At then I was studying in 11th standard. A brilliant girl of my class with great sense of humour and average looks. I was favourite of all… either family or friends, I was gem of all.

Life was moving slowly and silently and I was enjoying its low pace as it was giving me time to talk with its silence. But as it always happens, the time moved and changed. I completed my schooling and then graduation.

I scored pretty well in MAT and received calls from various colleges but papa was a bit worried. I was leaving home first time and he is very possessive. Finally he got me admitted in the Banasthali University… a deemed university for girls and well known for its threatening rules and regulations. But I was least worried. I made a phone call next morning.

"Hey Sudhi, you are coming...noe?"
"Yeah sweety, i'll be there with in 10 minutes"
"ok, come with Navya, if u come alone, i m going to kill you and dats a promise"
"ok dear, as u say...just hope that she has woke up till now"
"Its 12:30 pm dear"
"As if you don’t know Navya..."
“Yeah, anyways at least you be quick. I want to meet you two as I am going tomorrow and then you ppl will miss me loads.” I said to tease her
“Be happy with your misunderstandings” She too teased me
“Ok…now come soon…bye”
“Ok…see you soon”

Sudhi, Navya and me are childhood friends. We live in same society and meet regularly, no matter how our moms like it or not… and now I am going Jaipur for my MBA, Navya too will go to Agra to do her M.Sc. in Biotechnology and Sudhi will live in our hometown to do her M.Sc. in mathematics… I still don’t know y sweet girls choose such terrible subjects???

Finally the door well rang and I knew that devils are here…
“Vanshu, please open the door” I shouted from my room
“Why do your friends come here daily didi?” she hates Sudhi n Navya for stealing me from her
“To meet me sweety”
“Now u’ll lock yourself with these silly girls and your chit chat session will go for hours. “ This was Vidhi, my sweet younger cousin, daughter of my late Chachu
“My lovely sisters, we have a full night to enjoy together”

“Ok Vanshu, open the door, we’ll go back soon” this was Sudhi who knows well that my sisters hate them
Finally I opened the door and asked them to reach my bed room and joined them with some snacks and a bottle of coke.
“So madam, finally going to live alone?” Sudhi asked
“How will you survive Cindrella and how will your family survive without their princess”
“Hey Navya…I hate this name… CINDRELLA”
“But that is how your parents their princess”
“Are they fine” Sudhi asked
“Well no one is able to digest it…taiji n chachi are crying as if I am going to sasural”
They laughed, I too but someone inside my heart was crying loudly. I was the eldest girl of my family, having 2 elder cousin brothers…Amit and Sandeep and 1 sibling and 1 cousin sister whom you know by now. My family member’s life reside in me and mine in Vidhi.
Sudhi interrupted my chain of thoughts by saying, “ So madam…going to have fun with boys or what!”
“Well that is a girl’s university dear. I’ve to survive without them but yeah online affairs are always a good option” I winked
“Are you nuts… don’t do this to you…what if u fall in love with some guy… u know your father na?” this was our sweet and innocent Navya, always unable to differentiate between jokes and serious issues.
“ Cum’on Navya, we all know Vidushi. she does not even talk with boys” Sudhi ensured her
“Yeah Navya, don’t worry. Papa is very reason behind that attitude towards boys. He always made it clear to us that he will never tolerate anything like an affair or love marriage. N moreover I think that the age for stupid emotion called love is over n a little chatting is not going to do any harm” I winked, mischeviously
Then we burst into laughter without any reason. Finally we ended our chit chat, both of them hugged me tightly and bade good bye.
Vidhi and Vanshu are happy enough now “Your didi is all yours now…so wats the plan???”
“Well the plan is that u’ll bake a pizza for us” Vidhi ordered me
“Cum’on I am going tomorrow and you people want me to cook for you???”
“Get up didi…” and they threw me towards the kitchen


  1. starting is too good. let us see the developments of luck

  2. Liked the beginning!
    Lets see how it unfolds!

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